Colebrook Consulting: enabling competitive advantage

enabling competitive advantage

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"Colebrook undertook a strategically effective, results oriented engagement….the unique, disarming style of mentoring and coaching of our management team and individual contributors alike enabled a truly productive team spirit to be established and nurtured"
- Service Delivery Organisation

Your unique requirements shape our engagement with call the shots!  We recognise that every engagement is different, unique to your own requirements. We’re not looking to simply force our own principles on the working relationship and as such we will work with you to define a mutually advantageous approach to delivery. Our services and pricing are always tailored to your needs and broadly speaking will fall into one of the following categories:


  • Ad hoc interaction whereby we provide you with the tools, the guidance….you make it happen

Consulting Engagements

  • To address a specific area of your business with a desired outcome
  • Agreed engagement parameters & success criteria
  • Access to the skill sets required for your specific situation

Interim Engagements

  • We can provide specific skills to fill a known employee gap in your organisation on an emergency, short or medium term basis

Project Based Engagements

  • Skills and resources to lead a project or supplement an existing project team

Additionally we can provide you advice, guidance and implementation of various tools and methodologies if appropriate. e.g. Six Sigma, LEAN, PRINCE2, ITIL. The key for us is to ensure that you are provided with answers, options and support for your next steps.

Contact us today for a full and frank discussion as to how we can assist you in
Enabling Your Competitive Advantage.