Colebrook Consulting: enabling competitive advantage

enabling competitive advantage

//.what our clients say

"Colebrook undertook a strategically effective, results oriented engagement….the unique, disarming style of mentoring and coaching of our management team and individual contributors alike enabled a truly productive team spirit to be established and nurtured"
- Service Delivery Organisation

We practice what we preach.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we pride ourselves on the quality of the service that you will receive.  You can expect high quality, efficient services that are relevant to your specific needs.

What you can expect:

  • To be dealt with courteously
  • Our interactions to be open & honest
  • Your enquiries to be managed quickly and efficiently
  • That every effort will be made to ensure committed timescales are adhered to
  • That our advice will be impartial and with your best interests in mind
  • That Colebrook will adhere to and comply with all applicable territorial laws and governance and that we operate equal opportunity ethics
  • To receive a response to any complaint within three working days
  • That Consultants' adhere to the same principles of the company whether they be directly employed or engaged as associates.

Customer Feedback should be addressed to the Managing Director:

Mail: Byron House, 1B Firway, Welwyn, Hertfordshire


Whilst every reasonable care is taken to ensure that all Services, Materials and Information are as current, we cannot guarantee third party accuracy nor accept any responsibility for errors, omissions or for advice given in good faith. We operate a disclaimer policy and accept no liability for any loss or damage, howsoever arising, occasioned by the implementation of such advice.