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Why continue to learn?

The simple fact is that we never stop learning – it defines us, it’s how we continue to evolve, to interact and perhaps most importantly, it very often influences how others perceive us. The experiences and interactions we have literally on a minute by minute basis, actively help shape our subsequent actions and reactions to the next new “stimulus”.  The key point here is how we utilise that...

Just for fun…..

Purely as a bit of market research how many people can read this QR Code?  How many people would be interested?  Please either leave a comment or Message Me directly. I ask as I am considering adding it to some soon to be printed collateral. Thanks!

A New Chapter

So the new web site has been officially unveiled to the world and now the task of marketing comes to the fore. Absolutely focused on the Enabling Competitive Advantage of businesses, we at Colebrook are really proud of the new site and what it has to say to our customers, past, present and future.  And whilst a new site alone will not necessarily win new business, it will certainly ensure that visitors will...

Change – how to ensure it’s a positive

Invariably when Colebrook Consulting’s engaged by an organisation, one of the most common questions posed by the staff is “what are the implications for me?” When coupled with the naive managerial view that “the staff will just have to get on with it, accept it”, you & I both know that it’s invariably a recipe for disaster! Being particularly mindful of the uncertainty created by the current...

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