The Referrers

It’s been a while since we last posted a blog they serve a purpose, a great and positive purpose even when business is good.

In a nutshell the purpose to which I refer is that of promotion, more specifically self promotion.  But of even more value is when a client does that for you in whatever form they choose…via their blog, a tweet, a Facebook LIKE/post, a formal recommendation etc.   Be on the lookout for them. Monitor the web with Google Alerts, manage your Twitter searches & streams actively looking for mentions, obvious or not.  If they are unsolicited all the better but ensure that either way you graciously acknowledge them.

And don’t be shy….if you feel feedback is merited ask your client if they’d be prepared to provide one for you. Sometimes you do have to ask to ensure that you get!

Once you have them (with the right approvals in place) ensure that you use them optimally….in your own collateral, on your website, in your elevator pitch, as part of your social media news feed. It’s critical that this last bit is really well managed to derive maximum benefit with positive impact for all parties involved. i.e. it’s not all about you!

So the final thought in relation to this is a simple one. Consider that if it costs 14 times more cash to acquire a client versus servicing and maintaining the relationship with an existing one, you can effectively reduce the disparity between the two by having those existing clients help reduce your cost of acquisition by positively singing your praises.

So the call to action is a simple one….consider what you are doing to encourage referrals in your own business and then double your efforts.

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