When Persistent Failure Becomes The Norm

For all my new friends at WHBC (that’s Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council for the uninitiated)…I am available.

I am available to work with SERCO Waste Collection Services to ensure that they know where our well established street is located. At the heart of a good process is sound data.

I am available to ensure that there’s a robust planning process in place for any future changes you may need to make to the collection routes.  Change is manageable and risks can be fully mitigated.

I am available to advise on the best use of existing resources e.g. vehicle choice, manpower etc.

I am available to assist with ensuring consistent process compliance to balance outstanding customer satisfaction with enhanced operational performance.

I am available to share my thoughts on how to manage the customer experience including proactive management of a formal complaints process.

I am available to provide pragmatic advice and feedback on your existing processes as well as your commercial arrangements with your key suppliers.

I am also available to work with you towards achieving a straightforward target for all your customers – 100% successful collections.

And whilst this blog has been born out of personal frustration and a struggle over 5 or so months, the offer is a genuine one.

To reiterate…I am available.

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